Orlando's Dream

14-05-2015 Evento
@ Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà, Bergamo

Interactive work created by STF

Orlando is a dream: everyone who thought of it, wanted it and created it has grasped it with the whole of their strength.

Orlando is an even bigger dream: it opens horizons, gives voice to diversity, to hope, to new culture.

One part of this city dares to challenge silence and takes care of its inhabitants with passion. 

The picture is the ideal extension of the Orlando 2015 playbill: there are two characters whose feet are being grasped by a number of persons, created with the stencil technique.

Visitors are invited to draw on the picture itself (purposely effected like the surface of a blackboard), imagining of representing him/herself with respect to Orlando and its entourage.

As such, it's an invitation to imagine oneself inside the picture and to hold a position which is the mirror of the feelings of proximity or distance, of empathy or criticism: the overall objective is to stimulate interest, to create a feedback, to get closer to the audience, using unbridled and creative language.